Hungary next – Sweden lost only one game

by | 2023-09-15 | EC news

3–0 and a single lost set – Sweden’s men demonstrated their power and breadth in the European Round of 16 against Austria. When it was most needed, Kristian Karlsson struck with Thursday night’s ball, the very last when he started his game triple at 11-9 against the championship’s oldest player, 44-year-old Robert Gardos.

– I try to do the very best as it heats up towards the end, said Kristian after 11-9, 11-9, 11-9.
We came to think that he was close to reaching the absolute top of the competition in the EC in Munich a year ago. But then he hit his hand on the edge of the table and was otherwise able to complete his game-wise rise.
– It may have been my best competition, we were told.
Will Hungary be a more difficult opponent in the quarters than Austria?
– Hungary has four good players, all respect to them. (Adam) Szudi and Benze (Majoros) can perform, says Kristian.

Otherwise, it was Truls Möregårdh who led the way to the triumph via 11–7, 11–9, 11–7 against Andreas Levenko – Truls’ tenth victory in eleven matches since he joined the Swedish EC team in 2019.
Mattias Falck finished 3–1 against Maciej Kolodoziejczyk after losing the second set 7–11.
– It’s sad that Habesohn wasn’t there, Mattias pointed out. We still did well.
Daniel Habesohn was forced to leave Malmö before the eighth due to illness in the family.
– We have a good width in Sweden, not many teams can boast of that. I myself played stable, even though I lived on Levenko’s many mistakes, pointed out Truls Möregårdh.
And here you get the final comment from the national team captain Jörgen Persson:
– We can be satisfied with what we did against Austria and know Friday’s opponent Hungary well. A classic ping pong nation.

Sweden-Austria 3–0
Truls Möregårdh-Andreas Levenko 11–7, 11–9, 11–7
Kristian Karlsson-Robert Gardos 11–9, 11–9, 11–9
Mattias Falck-Maciej Kolodziejczyk 11–6, 7–11, 11–5, 11–4

The Swedish players’ quotas in the team EC
Truls Möregårdh 4–0 (12–2 In sets) …overall 2019-23 10–1 (23–9 In sets)
Kristian Karlsson 2–0 (6–2 In sets) …overall 2009-23 15–11 (54–44 In sets)
Mattias Falck 2–1 (8–4 In sets) …total 2010-23 15–8 (55–36 In sets)
Anton Källberg 1–0 (3–2 In sets) …total 2015-23 11–4 (39–19 In sets)
Jon Persson

Photo: Manfred Schillings/SBTF

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