Gold medal for Sweden

by | 2023-09-17 | EC news

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Suddenly Truls was a different player – 1-0
The start of the EC final could not have been better for Sweden. It was a completely different Truls Möregårdh who showed up against the German Benedikt Duda than against Felix Lebrun in the opening match against France. 0-3 in the semi then became 3-0 now after 11-4, 11-8, 14-12. Truls are now 8–1 in their matches in Malmö Arena.

Falck fell in the match against Boll – 1-1
The Swedish tailwind lasted until the third game for Mattias Falck. He won the first with 11–8 and the second with 12–10 against Timo Boll after a deficit of 9–10. After that, the wind was against the Falck(on) despite several good attempts. In the third it was 8–6 when Boll made it 5–0 in the final balls. He also took the fourth with 11–7 before the end came. Imagine: 9-5 for Boll changed to 10-9 after a 5-0 result for Falck before the German veteran turned it to 12-10. An interesting match with batting streaks of the best brand. Despite the loss, Falck was good and got the audience – perhaps even the TV viewers – with him.

Kristian continues to pour on – 2-1 to Sweden
We could trust Kristian Karlsson even in the final. Against Kay Stumper, he took his fifth win in six matches and is thus the second best Swede after Truls Möregårdh. Kristian, who during the last few seasons got a big lift in the offensive and became more and more confident in the duels, finished magnificently when it was 2-2 in the game. After 5–2 in the change of sides, the Swede continued to pour on and won the tiebreaker with a convincing 11–4.

Swedish EC gold – Truls won over Boll – 3-1 to Sweden
Yes, Sweden’s men became European team champions for the first time in 21 years. Who was better suited to secure the blue-yellow victory than Truls Möregårdh? He did it in a well-played match against Timo Boll. There were many great balls but the sets were somewhat uneven. Truls opened confidently by taking the first two, 11–6 and 11–8, but Boll responded with 11–4, 11–6. In the tiebreaker, Truls was relentless: 2–0, 5–1, 7–2, 9–4 ended in 11–5. The matter was settled. Thank you, double winner Truls, Kristian Karlsson and Mattias Falck!

The men’s team final in the EC
Sweden-Germany 3–1
Truls Möregårdh-Benedikt Duda 11–4, 11–8, 14–12
Mattias Falck-Timo Boll 11–8, 12–10, 8–11, 7–11, 10–12
Kristian Karlsson-Kay Stumper 11–5, 7–11, 11–3, 11–13, 11–4
Möregårdh-Boll 11–6, 11–8, 4–11, 6–11, 11–5

The quotas of the final players in the team EC
Sweden (18–5 in matches, 59–30 in sets)
9–1 (27– 9) Truls Möregårdh
5–1 (15– 7) Kristian Karlsson
3–2 (13– 9) Mattias Falck
1–1 ( 4– 5) Anton Källberg
Jon Persson

Germany (16–7 in matches, 54–33 in sets)
7–3 (25–12) Timo Boll
5–2 (15–13) Benedikt Duda
3–1 ( 9– 3) Ricardo Walther
1–1 ( 5– 5) Kay Stumper

Photo: Magnus Backe