The EC is underway – 3–0, and so much fun

by | 2023-09-11 | EC news

There was a festive opening at the European Team Championship in Malmö Arena. The Swedish ladies beat Greece 3-0 in Group H after Stina Källberg started with a 3-2 victory against Konstantina Parida, Linda Bergström followed up with 3-1 against Aketarina Toliou and Filippa Bergand put Malarmaterina Papadimitriou in place with a clear 3 -0.

Afterwards, the Swedish womens team took a victory cheer together.
Will we hear the same sounds after the Spain match on Monday?
– Spain is getting tougher, said Stina, who felt a little nervous at the start of the match before she got into full swing in the end with 11-8, 11-7.
It was the first time she met Parida.
– She played somewhat differently than many other players, I would call it odd. But eventually I got into it.
In match three, Filippa knew what to expect:
– Yes, Papadimitriou and I played last season in the same team in the Greek league, Olympiakos Athen. We stayed together for half the season. But we had never met each other before. It flowed well from the very beginning.
Linda, Sweden’s highest ranked 35th in the world, dominated the first two games against Toliou to go there in the third with 7–11 after a 6–5 lead. In the fourth, Linda held off to 11–9 after a 10–7 lead.
– I was too passive in the third before I was on my guard in the fourth – my best game, Linda thought.
When was the last time you met Toliou, Linda?
– That was two years ago. As juniors – in 2012 or if it was 2013 – we played doubles together in the Junior EC.
Confederation captain Tobias Bergman couldn’t help but smile afterwards.
– Stina got started after a somewhat stiff opening. Obviously, I’m happy that all the girls won.

Filippa Bergand wins for Sweden’s first victory in the group stage.

EC, ladies group H
Sweden-Greece 3–0
Stina Källberg-Konstantina Parida 10–12, 11–5, 5–11, 11–8, 11–7
Linda Bergström-Akaterini Toliou 11–5, 11–4, 7–11, 11–9
Flippa Bergand-Malarmatenia Papadimitriov 11–2, 11–4, 11–5

Photo: Manfred Schillings/SBTF