AMAB Hydraul new partner for the ETTC in Malmö

by | 2023-07-07 | EC news

The Swedish Table Tennis Association goes in agreement with AMAB Hydraul, headquartered in Malmö, as a new partner for this autumn’s championship. Currently the company is one of the Swedish market’s broadest businesses in hydraulics, hose and line components.

The collaboration enables, among other things, significant exposure in the Malmö Arena during the European Table Tennis Championships, but also an excellent opportunity for AMAB Hydraul to activate its staff with activities in connection with the championship. For STTA, it is particularly interesting to be able to connect with partners from industries we have not traditionally had good knowledge of before.

– For us at AMAB Hydraul, this felt like a “perfect match” to create good exposure opportunities for us in connection with the European Table Tennis Championships in Malmö, while at the same time we get a very appreciated activity for all our employees, says Peter Ternerot, CEO of AMAB Hydraul.

– This is just the right time for us, and it feels perfect to be able to increase our public presence together with the Swedish Table Tennis Association. This in a European Championship in Malmö, in table tennis, a world sport where Sweden has great chances to go far, says Jesper Landby, marketing manager at AMAB Hydraulics.

– For the Swedish Table Tennis Association, it feels incredibly pleasant to welcome a new partner from an industry that is new to us. We have worked hard to search for a wider network of possible partners, which it now turns out can give us very valuable contact points on several levels. We are also very impressed by our conversations with AMAB Hydraul, which feels like a very exciting company. We look forward to meet again during the EC in September, says Dennis Lindahl, chairman of the STTA.

Photo: STTA. In the picture (from left), Jesper Landby, marketing manager, AMAB Hydraul, Peter Ternerot, CEO, AMAB Hydraul and Thomas Buza, General Secretary, STTA.

AMAB Hydraul offers the market’s widest range of hydraulic, hose and line components for OEM customers, service workshops, machine importers, aftermarket and MRO. The company’s operations started in 1949 and today they have over 100 distributors around Sweden. Headquarters in Oxie, Malmö.