Portugal next – Swedish Womens’s Team meal in ETTC?

by | 2023-09-15 | EC news

Third consecutive, victory against Poland with 3-1 in the round of 16 in the European Championship. No wonder the Swedish ladies led by Linda Bergström and Stina Källberg were so happy for a quarter-final against Portugal that awaits on Friday.
– WE have so much fun and we support each other in the best way, the joy is great in the team, Stina explained.

First Sweden’s Linda beat Katarzyna Wegrzyn 3-0 in match two, then she set the point with the same numbers against Natalia Bajor, who couldn’t upset Stina either in the opening meeting. Here it was 3–1.
– I played much more calmly than against Spain, were I was more stressed. I had a good hit with my forehand, said Linda.
We also thought that Filippa Bergand would have won and decided against Zuzanne Wielgos in the third match.
A lot worked well for Filippa, but unfortunately things went wrong at the end – the 8-5 lead ended in 8-11.
What did the national team captain Tobias Bergman say?
– Yes, fantastic, now we are among the top eight.
Linda added:
– Good that we avoid Germany and Romania. We can beat the Portuguese if everything works, even if they have two really good players. We are looking for a medal!

EC, women’s round of 16
Sweden-Poland 3–1
Stina Källberg-Natalia Bajor 13–11, 8–11, 11–9, 11–7
Linda Bergström-Katarzyna Wegrzyn 11–6, 11–5, 11–9
Flippa Bergand-Zuzanna Wielgos 9–11, 11–7, 8–11, 11–6, 8–11
Bergström-Bajor 11–7, 11–5, 11–7
The Swedish ladies’ quotas in the team EC
Linda Bergström 4–1 (13–6 in sets) …overall 2013-23 15–10 (54–42 in sets)
Stina Källberg 3–1 (9–8 in sets) …overall 2015-23 8–11 (31–44 in sets)
Filippa Bergand 2–1 (8–3 in sets) …overall 2–1 (8–3 in sets)
Matilda Hanson
Alma Roöse

Photo: Manfred Schillings/SBTF

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