PING PONG POWER Malmö is moving towards a new spring

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PING PONG POWER Malmö has once again had a successful stop with try-on table tennis in Folkets Park, and there are plans for lots more activities in Malmö during the spring and summer.

During the Easter break, April 2-6, the Swedish Table Tennis Association, through its program PING PONG POWER, together with Malmö clubs Malmö IF and Limhamns BTK as well as Malmö city and Kul i Malmö, once again visited Folkets Park. Here we have arranged try-on table tennis and the turnout from Malmö residents has been great.

– The activity has been highly appreciated by the park’s many visitors. We have had visitors of all ages and regardless of whether they managed to hold the racket or reached the table, everyone has been fighting with a big smiles on their faces. We’ve had fantastic weather all week, which has attracted many table tennis enthusiasts to the park, says PING PONG POWER employees Hugo Törngren and Kajsa Tillgren, who have been in Folkets Park for most of the Easter week.

Other talented PPP employees who were on site in Folkets Park during the week to play and talk table tennis with the visitors are Charlie Ridegård, Hannes Liden Isaksson, Georgio “Gino” Gerakios and Raif Rustemovski.

Picture: Georgio “Gino” Gerakios, Eskil Tyrberg and Raif Rustemovski during the first day of the Easter break activity in Folkets Park.

During the spring and summer of 2023, a long series of try-out table tennis activities will take place in Malmö.

– The goal is, in addition to growing the sport in the city and region, to create a “table tennis hype” before the European Table Tennis Championships which are fast approaching, says Eskil Tyrberg, responsible for PING PONG POWER Malmö.

The championships will be played in Malmö Arena in mid-September, and below is a selection of PPP activities that will take place in Malmö before then.

A van will be filled with tables, rackets and balls, and for one year the PPP van will travel to various locations around the city spreading table tennis joy. The city of Malmö offers activities where the PPP car will be seen and STTA also provides opportunities to rent the car for interested parties. The car will be striped with logos that will hopefully create even greater interest in table tennis.

Beautiful Sundays in Folkets Park
Every Sunday from May 28 to August 27, everyone in Malmö has the opportunity to try table tennis in Folkets Park (not 4/6, 2/7, 6/8). PPP staff will be on hand, and rackets and balls are available to borrow.

Olympic Days at Ribban, 9-11 June
Both schools and the public can try table tennis under expert guidance between 9-11 June when Olympic Days are arranged at Ribban.

Ribbersborg – Kul i Malmö
On the beach at Ribban, like last summer, table tennis will be an activity along with several other sports during the summer starting on June 19 and eight weeks ahead, between 10-15 on weekdays.

During two weekends this the summer, lots of activities are arranged in some of Malmö’s parks. Of course also try-on table tennis with the help of our PPP employees from, among others, Malmö IF and Limhamn’s BTK.

Malmöfestivalen,11-18 August
Just like in 2022, PING PONG POWER Malmö and several table tennis clubs participate with try-on activities in Slottsparken between the Library and Malmö Casino, every day between 11-17 during the festival.

Lilla EM in Baltiska hallen, 7-10 September
Schools and the public are invited to activities in Baltiska hallen and Kombihallen at the Stadion area. Score hunt, try-out and fun competitions in various activities, with an emphasis on table tennis joy, over four days where the first two are dedicated to school classes. The two final days take place in conjunction with the start of the big European Table Tennis Championships in Malmö Arena, and are open to the public.

You can find more photos from the PPP Malmö Easter break activity here.

Photo: Linda Carlsson